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Fans of Ayumi Hamasaki
The First Ayu LJ Community, created in 2002
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26th-Jun-2011 01:23 am - Hamasaki Ayumi picspams
Music // Sica 4

You can find them all here @ my lj, if you're interested

21st-Jun-2011 02:44 pm - Ayu graphics
Music // Sica 4
[1-12] Hamasaki Ayumi
[13-30] Game of Thrones
[31-40] Glee
[41-55] Stock
[3] large graphics (Hamasaki Ayumi, Game of Thrones)


You can find them here @ my lj, if you're interested
10th-Mar-2011 09:11 pm - selling
queen ayu

helping my friend cleaning his closet

please take a look at here @gassi_gashi 
1st-Jan-2011 02:29 am - AYU IS GOING TO MARRY!! ^.^
Music // Sica 4
HAPPY NEW YEAR everybody!

And I'm sure you all know already, but Ayu is going to marry Mannie...for real, not in a PV! XD
Let's all wish them the best, ne?! ^_________^ 

Here is the message, she posted on the TA-diary a few hours ago:

  This is sudden, but
2011/01/01 1:52 am

My love for my family,

my love for my friends,

my love for my staff,

and, my love for TA.

These kinds of love and how I show them are all different, but love takes many forms.

I, Ayumi Hamasaki, as an individual, and as a woman, have found yet another irreplaceable kind of love.

We are in a place that is closest to forever**, for sure.

Mannie, who played the husband in Virgin Road, is going to be my real husband in real life!!!

**Bokutachi wa ima mottomo eien ni chikai basho ni iru, from fairyland!!

source: teamayu.com & arama


film | elizabeth I

Hamasaki Ayumi:
• Heaven CD+DVD 5 USD
• Inspire CD+DVD 4 USD
• Carols CD+DVD 5 USD
• Blue Bird CD+DVD 5 USD
• step you / is this love 5 USD

Hamasaki Ayumi:
• A Song is Born 1 USD
• ayu-ro mix 7 USD
• ayu trance 8 USD
• Whatever (re-release) 6 USD
• You (re-release) 5 USD
• Depend on you (re-release) 5 USD

Feel free to make offers. US shipping only!
24th-Dec-2010 10:38 am - photos of my Love songs-version ^.^
Music // Sica 4
My version of "Love songs" arrived an hour ago and I wanted to share some photos with you! ^.^

You can find them here, if you're interested!
23rd-Dec-2010 07:02 pm - Ayu graphics
Music // Sica 4

Comments are always appreciated and credit would be nice, if you use them!

You can find them here @ my lj, of you're interested
8th-Dec-2010 08:51 am - Friday Night Ayu~
crazy~ayu 04

Merry Christmas everyone here at ayuchib~. Freshly uplaoded to youtube.
4th-Dec-2010 01:22 am - Love songs covers (better quality)
Music // Sica 4
If anybody is interested in seeing the covers for Ayu's new album in a better quality, please go here:


They are still not HQ, but the quality is really, really good! ^.^
Wahhhh~~ they're sooooo beautiful!
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